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    So you've heard the specs, the news and the games that are coming. I've included a rundown of the specs and some pictures of the device below for reference:


    Operating System: 3 - Microsoft Kernel, Xbox OS with Hyper-V ting both together.
    CPU: AMD/Microsoft Custom Jaguar 8-core (28nm)
    GPU (on cpu die): DirectX 11.1 and 32MB of high bandwidth embedded ESRAM memory.
    Optical Drive: Blu-ray (with DVD playback compatibility)
    HDMI: In and Out, Version 1.4
    USB Support: Version 3.0
    Hard Drive: 500GB (Supports external mass storage devices for expansion)
    WiFi: Yes, 3 radios supporting 802.11n, peripheral connection and WiFi Direct.
    Ethernet: Yes
    Audio and Video: 1080p and 4K both supported; 7.1 surround sound.
    Kinect: Version 2.0, bundled with the console and contains 250,000-pixel infrared depth sensor and 1080p resolution at 30 Frames Per Second. Web cam functionality uses 720p resolution.
    Backwards Compatibility (Xbox 360 games): No
    Second-hand Games: When you put the disc in, you will have to purchase a license to play the game. Similarly if you want to sell on a game you bought, you'll have to 'unlock' the disc from your account for a fee. Details to be confirmed further.



    Discuss below your thoughts and impressions, and whether you intend to get One!
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    [Raises Hand] !!
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    Can't even watch the event with the app. Just buffers.
  4. JPDVM2014's Avatar

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    I'll be getting one!
  5. sinime's Avatar

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    Sign me up!

    Edit: meh, "Later this year."... Was hoping for a release date, but I guess they can't let us look up their skirt, this close to E3.
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    I'm interested, not so much for the gaming, but for the rest of it. Sure, some games I would probably get for it, but I don't really believe in paying 60€ for a game that barely lasts 20 hours. It would nicely fulfill my Microsoft ecosystem (Win 8, Surface, WP8) and get me a bluray player at the same time.

    That said, a lot of the stuff will likely never be of any use here in Finland like the sports integrations (dont even watch sports, though) etc..

    Depends on the price of the cheaper version that has the mandatory 2 year xbox gold thing, I might get that one, but not really interested in sinking a lot of money into a glorified media player.
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    I will I will
  8. cgk
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    I am not into gaming and the Ps3 does everything else I need, so no.
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    I will take 2 thank you very much
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    At least one, maybe two depending on how the TV pans out.
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    First I played with a green robot, then I ate a shiny apple, now I'm going to lay tiles
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    Depends what PS4 will bring - I've grown up with PS, hehe.
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    How much is it expected to cost?
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    Still not sure between PS4 or Xbox One. I've been with Playstation since the beginning but since getting my windows phone with the Xbox tile, I might switch to have further integration.
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    I am for sure.

    If I can for release day, I will. These consoles are just so hard to get at launch.
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    Oh heck yes.
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    I will be getting two, I need one for my bed room.
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    I really don't care about the gaming aspect since I only do PC games (nothing worse than a game controller, as far as I'm concerned). It's all the other aspects that attract me. The question I have--and this is a deal-breaker for me--with the TV aspects work with a sat? I refuse to give up Dish Network for cable TV, period. So, if Xbox One can work with whatever TV feed and have the guide work, then I'm sold on this puppy.
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    I'm definitely going to get One!

    I've had the first 2 Xboxes and this looks like it'll be my next. Not sure why but I expected it to be a little thinner.
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    Heck yeah! I love the all-in-one entertainment system. Especially love that now I can watch live TV through the Xbox One. I'll probably be at the launch, but if that's too ridiculous then I'll get one shortly after launch.
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    I thought I was finished with game consoles... too old of a man and not time for such... (27 years young, lol).

    The xbox one is really a full entertainment device. It is a winner and I will be getting one! I love the fun integrated ecosystem that Microsoft is creating.
  23. Coreldan's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilhe1s View Post
    I'm definitely going to get One!

    I've had the first 2 Xboxes and this looks like it'll be my next. Not sure why but I expected it to be a little thinner.
    I also expected it to be something totally else, now it just looks a like a big DVR. That said, I dont think making a console really small really has any benefits, probably more downsides than anything else. These are not really mobile devices anyways-
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    Count me in and as I was just saying on Facebook the PS4 doesn't stand a fighting chance.
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    Probably have to sell the 360 to keep the wife happy if I get one. PS never did anything for me.
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