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    Hi guys,

    So, I bought a Surface RT the other day, and I was looking for some tweaks to speed things up a little. I found some really useful stuff, so I decided to share :)

    Here are my tweaks I implemented so far. Feel free to add more if you have some.

    - Disable Windows Defender

    As Windows RT is coded for ARM bases SOC's, it's pretty useless to have malware detection running in the background. So, why not speed things up a little by disabling the Defender service.

    Disable real-time protection: Open Local Group Policy Editor (run: gpedit.msc) - Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Windows Defender - Real-time Protection. Double click on 'Turn on real-time protection' and change the setting from 'Not configured' to 'Disabled'

    Disable the Defender Service: Open Services (run: services.msc) Double click on 'Windows Defender Service' - Change Startup type to 'Disabled'

    Now, reboot your Windows RT device.

    - Speed up browsing by blocking advertisements

    The more advertisements, the slower pages load. So there is an option in Internet Explorer to block ads:

    Block ads by adding Tracking Protection Lists: - Open the Desktop Internet Explorer - Internet Options - Click on Programs tab - Click on Manage Add-Ons - Click tab on Tracking Protection - Add the blockers from the list (you can select them all, but I suggest choosing only a few of the best rated)

    - Disable Bluetooth

    If you own a Surface, you don't need Bluetooth to be enabled to connect to a keyboard or something else, so disabling Bluetooth can save you some battery life:

    Disable Bluetooth to save battery life: - Open the Charms menu - Tap on Settings - Tap on Change PC Settings - Tap on Wireless - Disable Bluetooth

    - Increase the responsiveness of the touchscreen

    With this little reg tweak, the touch screen responts a little snappier

    - Open regedit.exe (run: regedit) - Go to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\TouchPrediction - Change the values of both ‘Latency’ and ‘SampleTime’ from 8 to 2. - Reboot your device

    - Disable logging for performance boost

    Windows RT is a tablet OS, so who needs logging, right? Disabling logging, can mean a huge increase of performance of the system. If you need some troubleshooting, you might want to re-enable this though.

    Disable logging: - Open gpedit.msc - Go to: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Error Reporting - Enable the following settings: ‘Disable Logging’ and ‘Disable Windows Error Reporting’ - Reboot your device

    - Optimize the SSD drive

    Normal Harddrives need some defragmentation once in a while, but SSD's need some maintenance as well. You can manually 'Trim' the drive for extra harddrive performance:

    Trim the SSD: - Open Control Panel - Go to System and Security - In Administrative Tools, click on Defragment and Optimize your drives - Click on the SSD and choose Optimize.
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    Nokia Lumia 920 yellow - Microsoft Surface RT 64GB + touch cover - Windows 8.1 professional
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    43 Posts
    [reserved for future tips]
    Nokia Lumia 920 yellow - Microsoft Surface RT 64GB + touch cover - Windows 8.1 professional
  3. Lobbie1978's Avatar

    43 Posts
    [reserved for future tips 2]
    Nokia Lumia 920 yellow - Microsoft Surface RT 64GB + touch cover - Windows 8.1 professional
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    I'm pretty sure you can turn down graphical animations and stuff like in a normal Windows PC.

    Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > (under Performance) Settings

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