I have a simple windows phone game just updated with a specific version for Windows Phone 8. Problem is I don't own the new phone (yet) and could use a quick test to let me know if the thing is working in the field.... The application is just a fun side for me to keep pace with the new Windows Phone and Windows 8 development platforms (most of my work revolves around custom business applications with cloud back ends)...

Stay Sharp Sudoku | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

If anyone has the time I would love a screen shot from an actual WP8 device... I would also be interested:
  1. to confirm that the ads (ad supported app) show up after a new game is started (must select a square in the grid to start the ad)
  2. get an idea of how long it takes to generate a new game on WP8 devices of various makes/models (the game actually calculates new puzzles on the device)

Thanks in advance!