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    Hi! FAQ says I can make my routs and save them into "My Collections" and later see them on my phone. It only says that i have to open Here Maps. So, where in Here maps or Here Drive+ can I see "My Collections"? I am signed in on the phone. Thank you!
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    When you open up the app, there is a Star icon on the bottom of the screen called "My Places". The My Collections show up there as your Favorites.

    (Center of this pic)

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    i looked for it there, but my "star list" is empty. if i press refresh it gets refreshed but nothing shows up :/
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    "Unfortunatly, this isn't possible at the moment. However, you can sync your favourite places."

    At this point, useless feature. Adding favourites in HERE maps is easy and quick. But you can't plan routs like with
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    That is what I am seeing too.

    I can save all the points of a collection as interest points/favorites and then go point to point, but currently on the mobile version of HERE maps there is no way to have, without waypoints, a pre-planed route it worthless.
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    I don't think it has a true "my route" but I read with the latest update to HERE Maps that you can now put your favorite collections into groups... So, you could create a group for a specific trip and use that to go place to place.

    It is a step in the right direction at least; I didn't test it out but wanted to bump the thread as an FYI.
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