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    On my Droid, there was a great app called 'Wi-Fi Analyzer' (also with reviews here) that allowed me to see all wireless networks in range, their signal strength, SSIDs and other helpful information. It let me identify when a local network was conflicting (on the same or near same channel) with another network so I could reconfigure the network to another channel.

    There are WP apps that tell you the details of the network you're on. But none provide details on all available networks and their impact/relationship with another.

    Does WP8 provide sufficient APIs for such an app to be written or ported to WP8? I know Apple's TOS prevented it from getting to iPhone/iPads. On Droids it worked perfectly. But I'm not sure why someone hasn't written this useful app for WP8 unless WP APIs don't enable this.

    Any insights?
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    wow .. I never thought of such an app ... I personally never have seen such an app in WP
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    The simple complete answer is no. There is absolutely no functionality in the API for anything having to do with Wifi network data whatsoever. =/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Carpenter View Post
    The simple complete answer is no. There is absolutely no functionality in the API for anything having to do with Wifi network data whatsoever. =/
    Thanks for the insight, Robert. I appreciate your reply.

    With all of our daily functionality being driven into the mobile experience, it's sad the 'walled gardens' of iOS and WP platforms limit us in so many ways. I might have to pick up a Droid off-carrier just to have this functionality back in my hands. :(
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    Thank you for settling the question of API limitations to WiFi data. I loved using the WiFi analyzer on my Galaxy S3 but now I have a Lumia 1020 and was really hoping a similar tool was available. To those looking for a work around I'll mention that you can still use the WiFi Analyzer app on a Kindle Fire.....
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    Hi, That is the very app I would like. I had a droid with an analyzer and I use an app on my laptop running XP called InSSIDer which was a free download and while excellent, is somewhat cumbersome owing to the laptop size. An app for analyzing networks for conflicts SSID's, channel number useage and signal strength would be ideal for my Lumia 520. This app would be greatly appreciated!
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    This isn't possible unless you hunt down Joe Belfiore, throw him out of his yacht, and hit him over the head with NativeWifi until it's in there.

    The functionality isn't available in the Windows Phone API.
    If it were, the app would already be in Store.

    Microsoft doesn't want Apps that customers want on Windows Phone.
    If they did, they would have bothered to add functionality to the bare bones WP API.
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    Yeah I don't get it, i think microsoft has a mole planted by google. it is the only explanation for why they shoot themselves in the foot with everything. I love my windows phone8, dont get me wrong but i am coming off of an iphone so i would have been happy with anyting after i was stuck with that useless piece of garbage. I hear the new one can take a slow motion picture..... and scans your fingerprint...... i give credit i guess to a company that can convince stupid people that 30 year old technology is cool and have them shell out massive money. but MICROSOFT, your not good at that. dont attempt do be creative cause you fail every time. thats not a bad thing, i dont want a friken artist do develope my tech. if peoples main complaint is with your lack of applications you open the API so that developers stop writing in the app descriptions that they would have loved to ad a feature but WP8 doesn't allow it. WIFI analyzer is one of the best apps for any phone i have ever seen and there is no reason why it should not be available. i know your getting market share in the third world but if this platform is going to survive it has to catch in countries where people have money. And lets be honest it has to catch on in america or youll just be the discount phone with 20 percent market share in countries no one cares about. WP8 is a great product and for now due too the native msoffice integration it is still worth it for me to stay, if i i had another job i wouldnt hesitate to get an S4 because i have the option of not using samsungs crapware and throw on a mod OS. sorry for ranting.

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