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    With the death of Google Reader imminent, I've been searching for a replacement. Feedly looks amazing, but they don't support Windows 8 or Windows Phone!

    If you guys want Feedly as badly as I do, or if you have 3 seconds to spare, please, visit Feedly's UserVoice and upvote our request! The more votes we get, the more they'll respond!

    UserVoice thread:

    My mockup of Feedly for Windows 8:
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    Done. I have it on my Nexus. Its pretty awesome.
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    Glad to hear it :) as of right now we're in the second spot, with 995 votes. I don't know how likely it is to happen even if we get to #1, but I figure it's got to at least get Feedly's attention!
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    Voted too. Can't wait to have it implemented :)

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