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    So I decided to get a used iPhone 4 to play with. There are a few apps only on iOS plus I like keeping up on different platforms. While using it as my phone for the last couple days, one thing has bothered me a lot. Some of the apps I use the most (ie news360, tunein radio) run smoother and faster on the iPhone 4 than my 920. Sucks that the old phone out does the awesome 920 in this situation. I know it isn't because of the phone or Microsoft but because of there being more dedication to iOS over wp. Wp is the best OS by far but app quality kinda stink (one you compare to other more popular platforms). Ever consider leaving WP because of this?
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    For an iPhone? Tried it and came back a day later.
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    iPhone or android. I just hate how the best OS is paired with apps that are a step below in quality in a lot of cases.
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    I love WP, but I get pretty tired of seeing, " ... is available on both iPhone and Android devices."
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    I love WP, but I get pretty tired of seeing, " ... is available on both iPhone and Android devices."
    I agree. And also knowing that scanning a qr code for an app probably won't bring anything up for my 920. I like being different but it comes at a price.
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