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    Navigon is a great GPS for those who don't like, or don't have access to Nokia Drive. I highly recommend it. It also works great on Windows Phone 7.

    Popular Twitter client Mehdoh now free, NAVIGON also goes on sale | Windows Phone Central
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    Doesn't every device have drive now?
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    Drive is pretty barebones on WP8. No traffic and not too many options. I have Garmin and haven't bothered to install Drive.
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    If I didn't have Drive (Woks fine for me) I would install Navigon. Navigon is an amazing navigation app. Wife had it on her iphone. Now, this was all before Garmin purchased them, so I am not sure what, if anything as changed. It was a beautiful app, with lots of extra features.
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    The most annoying thing about Navigon for WP for users in the UK is that they only sell a Western Europe version, not just UK like other platforms. While it is lovely that it includes maps for Malta, I'm never going to go there and drive. It also makes it v v expensive - down to £51 on sale, compared to just £20 for UK version regular price.

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