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    I have a Nokia Lumia 820 with approximately 1GB of memory free.
    I am trying to download an offline map (approximately 150 MB) but I am always getting an error stating: "Not Enough Room, you need at least 1,137 MB of free space on your phone to get this map".
    I get the same message when I try to delete a previously downloaded map!

    Anyone had this issue before? Any help wuld be appreciated.

  2. Satyarth kumar's Avatar

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    I found a solution. Firstly I also tried to delete all my maps from the, but didnt succeed, even deleting "here maps" didnt help.

    1> Download "Lumia storage check beta"
    2> Open it.
    3> Go to "details" tab
    4> On the maps row, click change
    5> Set "store maps on" to phone.
    6> Now tap on "maps" button on that page.
    7> This page will show your downloaded maps to phone.
    8> Now delete by tapping on it.


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