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    There are very few apps that I live by, but Audible is one of them. Audible for Windows Phone is a disaster of epic nature. I say this because there is so much about this that is better than the iPhone version, with one huge freaking drawback: if I'm listening over bluetooth, it will randomly pause (and is unable to start streaming again, I have to go play a music song, come back and restart), it loses connection after a phone call, and any phone call or text causes it to reset the chapter thought to chapter one.. oh, it keeps playing whatever chapter you are in, but pause/bookmarks/etc. are non-functional, and if you stop say the car and restart listening, you pickup.. in chapter 1 or wherever.

    What an annoyance.

    I'm keeping WP8, but I may need to put back my iPod touch into the car for this app (and music, I hate the fact that if I start a random mix of songs, it goes for a while, stop the car.. and I seemingly can't get back to it under any method, I end up having to start a new mix, as XBOX Music just shows last video I've played as paused, though the livetile shows song titles, and Nokia Music doesn't always go back to set
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    Couldn't agree more. Audible was probably the most used app on my old iPhone and is still on my 8X. But I'm seriously considering moving away from WP8 to Android just because the WP8 Audible app is so bad. Exactly the same problems you describe - I have so many bookmarks on my books to help me get back to the right place when the app forgets that I actually got an Achievement unlocked for bookmarks. WTF?

    On the iPhone I could get into my car and it would just work.

    I can't believe Audible hasn't fixed these yet because it takes about 5 minutes of use for the bugs to appear. Perhaps you and I are the only ones using the app, I don't know.

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    Nope, I have the exact same issues with the app on my 920. It's completely unreliable, so I just use my 3 year old iPod Nano to listen to Audible books. Ridiculous.

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