Will be great if there are apps for Vibrate and Brightness Toggle (shortcut).

(I am using Lumia 920)
-Press the volume button which brings up the toggle symbol on the top right of the screen method is flawed.
We can only
1)toggle between sound & silent (if vibration in setting is off)
2)toggle betwen sound+vibrate & vibrate only (if vibration is on)

So weird that 1) & 2) are not summed up together where we can toggle between all 4 modes at the same time.
***Kindly fix this or come up with a shortcut app to turn vibration on or off.
Better still a phone PROFILE app (my 1st nokia 'dumb' phone 14 years back have this feature, why not for a smart phone?)

Personally, I set the brightness manually (to save battery)
***Kindly come up with a brightness toggle or shortcut app please!

Thanks and regards