Hi all,

I created this thread because I see quite of bit of two things: one, people wondering when a new app will be updated and two, will/when "x" app be available in the near future fir their device*. Since social media can get people's attention (allowing us to contact developers directly about these questions), with enough support we CAN see some requested apps come to light for Windows Phone. Simply put, in this thread we can document developer messages, tweets, emails, etc. so people can have a directory and search to see if the app they'd like to see updated/developed for their handset is here. Also, depending on the need, we can discuss apps we'd like to see developed/updated so we can submit them.

If it sounds like a plan, feel free to post your findings.

(*This is different than, say, what's on the WPCentral homepage. App updates/releases are covered, but it's not all apps, usually noteworthy or ones people tip to the writers. Again, this is a thread that focuses more on possible apps not yet developed, or updates that are still in the works. I'm also not aware if a thread was started beforehand that attempted to do the same as this one, so I apologize if I sound like a broken record.)