The new "Text To Speech" app advertised on the homepage is really just a STT. I don't see it's purpose. Unless it's just for fun and your OK with copying and pasting. Also don't see other languages. I don't see the difference between this app and voice translators that have tons of languages.

WP8 already has a built in STT and TTP. That reads your texts and sends your texts directly without copying and pasting.

Would like a good TTS app that reads out your texts, email and calendar and the option to do it while your phone is on vibrate or silent. Also reading out other languages if thats what is texted. Also without having to tell your phone to read it.

Blackberry has these apps which is embarrassing that WP doesn't. I'm sure IPHONE and Android has them also.

Also a STT that does the same, but also sends directly to the text message. Speaking other languages. Without copying and pasting.