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    After using PrimeTV for a while but finding some inconsistencies with what trakt sent to it I decided to create my own app dedicated to Trakt itself:

    WPtrakt | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    It is still new and needs work here and there, so feedback is always appreciated, good or bad!

    I have created a WP7 and WP8 version of the app, currently I have been implementing as many features as possible that the trakt API has to offer:

    • Live tile
    • View collection of shows/movies
    • Add movie/shows/episode to watchlist, rate, mark as seen or check in
    • Add shouts to movies, shows and episodes
    • Search for movies/shows
    • Get suggestions for movies/shows
    • Pin shows/movies to start screen
    • Ability to create an account in the application

    For Windows Phone 8 an update is undergoing certification which will have:
    • Live lock screen wallpaper
    • Voice commands (basics, just me fiddling around with it ^^)

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    Love this app, please continue making it better.
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    Awesome app. Hope the development don't stop. Keep going

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