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    Isn't Photosynth supposed to be native for WP8? I can't find it on my Nokia Lumia 920.
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    I don't believe they ever said it was native - it's simply a Lens app, which means you can launch it straight from the camera.

    For some reason it's not available for WP8 yet, anyway - I'm guessing the WP8 version is still being finalised.

    Imagine if everybody new to WP who just picked up a Lumia or 8X installed the Photosynth app and was presented with the WP7 version and no Lens capability - they'd probably wonder why it doesn't do what was advertised. Better to just say "it's not ready yet" I think.
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    It's still an app - but it integrates with camera as a lens. Except that it is not released yet...
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    After upgrading from a Samsung Focus with no photosynth capabilities, I was really looking forward to this with WP8. Alas, I guess me and my Lumia 920 will have to wait a while longer

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