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    Like, when I'm at phone, the WIFI comes on, if I leave home, the WIFI turns off?
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    That would be awesome.

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    Nice idea, regardless of platform. I wonder why no one has come up with something like that.
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    There isn't one on WP7 because its not possible to turn the WiFi on and off using the api. Best that can happen is the WiFi settings is launched which defeats the purpose! Its why the apps to manage connections from a live tile on the marketplace launch the setting rather than 'do it' them selves. Shame i know.

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    No, but I have been working on a similar app for contacts. I.E. when you are at work it loads up your work contacts, at school your school, etc etc. It is damn useful.

    I have tried to get Microsoft to incorporate that deeper into their system. I.E. Live Tile arrangement based off of location. But they ignore me.

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