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    Anyone know if it's possible to receive multiple files via Bluetooth? I have managed to Bluetooth an image from another device, but when I try to sent several files in one batch my lumia 820 tells me that it has received the files but they don't show up in the photo hub. I did ask WindowsPhone on twitter but when I asked if WP can receive multiple files via Bluetooth they replied asking to clarify if i'm sending or receiving files, then suggested I try using a File Explorer app to find the files which didn't really help.
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    I'm not sure if it is possible to receive multiple files at a time. The instructions seem to indicate that each file needs to be sent separately. Share files over Bluetooth | Windows Phone How-to (United States)
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    When I try receiving multiple pics from another phone, I have to separately accept each of these which is kind of annoying. As for sending multiple images can be sent easily but I'm not sure that multiple songs or documents can be sent at once.
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    I've noticed that if I try to receive multiple photos from another Windows phone, then it needs only one "accept". but if I try to receive files from other phones, I need to accept each file :(

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