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  1. Sanjay Chandra's Avatar

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    I would rate it 9/10
  2. crash1989's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjay Chandra View Post
    I would rate it 9/10
    You should create a poll rather than a normal thread , just a suggestion.
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  3. The Hustleman's Avatar

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    Allow apps to hide messages, pics, and videos and allow sideloading and I'd give it a 10

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  4. Sanjay Chandra's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by crash1989 View Post
    You should create a poll rather than a normal thread , just a suggestion.
    Is there a way to edit it ?

    I wanted it as a poll with votes , but I felt that its silly to put one number for each option.

    EDIT : Yes , Now its a poll
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  5. crash1989's Avatar

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    Ask any moderator to edit/delete this and re-create another with awesome, good, bearable etc .. some thing like that :D or 10,8,6 ..
  6. AaHaa's Avatar

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    8. I don't think this forum is a very good place to get a good image of what people think of Windows Phone, though. :P
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    I don't know what to compare it to. What is a 10, what is a 5. What would an iPhone, or android be?

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  8. Divair's Avatar

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    9/10. There are few things that I can't do that I want to, most of which are just a result of missing apps. That'll be fixed in time as the market for WP grows.
  9. sumton's Avatar

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    7/10. So many improvements that can be made. Also, still many apps that I use on other platforms aren't here yet. I know new features will come, one of these days!
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  11. slap0rama's Avatar

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    I gave it a 7/10. I love WP!! It's just that the no orientation lock thing really gets on my nerves! When I lie down on my bed and want to use it, I have to fight with the landscape to portrait mode a lot and it really annoys me. Plus I hate xbox music (hate might be a strong word, I just wish it would improve) as well but other than that its freaking awesome.
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  12. YOLOsaurusRex's Avatar

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    7. I love the interface and I think WP has amazing potential. There's a lot of small problems that I think are holding it back though. I see many people complaining about no orientation lock, separate system/media volume controls, etc. Nothing you guys haven't seen before. A biggie for me is the Facebook chat integration with the messaging hub. It only briefly worked for me today, but ever since I had my HTC Trophy and even on my Lumia 928, it hasn't worked right. I tried disabling secure browsing and that worked for a while until I logged into from IE on my phone. Then the messages stopped working again. I see people having a lot of trouble with this too.

    I love the idea of it being integrated like that, but it needs to be fixed and it should have the normal capabilities of Facebook chat (like sending pictures).

    All these tiny problems add up to a big one. Windows Phone does many things right and does very few things wrong, but there's usually some odd feature missing or a weird bug with everything it does right or tries to.
  13. N_LaRUE's Avatar

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    Gave a 7. I think WP is good for the average smartphone user and most would probably give it a 10. Anyone wanting to do a little more and wanting some features that are currently on other platforms will find WP rather limiting and sometimes annoying.

    Like everyone else I hope to see these things corrected cause I don't want to leave WP but being honest I'm not going to wait 'years' to get them while they exist elsewhere already.
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  14. Martin Y's Avatar

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    I gave it 5, but it's really a mix of 2s and 9s.

    When it's finished it can have a 9.
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  15. bigkevbosky's Avatar

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    It's a 5 now, but has potential to be an 8 or 9. Android is probably at about a 7 and iOS is probably an 8.
  16. MerlinJnr's Avatar

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    7 for WP with the potential for higher,
    Just left the boring and crash prone ios (5)
    Never used android so no comment
  17. z33dev33l's Avatar

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    The OS is a solid 10 in my book with our app situation being a 4 at best.
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  18. AuraTigital's Avatar

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    I'll give this a 6 but if the lack of app support is fix and the notification centre comes, I'll give a 8.5.
    IOS 7.5
    Android 8
  19. mxtremex6's Avatar

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    remoove those bugs and there comes a 10/10 ! :P
  20. Kenny G Jr's Avatar

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    All the phones need to be on all the carriers, like Apple and Android, then I'll give it a 10. Instead I a gave it a 7.
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  21. Chrispcrust's Avatar

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    So many missing features and applications that I needed to buy a separate Android tablet just to supplement. The OS gets a 6 for being smooth, stable and reliable. The fact that there have been no features added since "Mango" in mid-2010 (kids corner non withstanding) is laughable, Kernel re-write or not. It shows how much MS is paying attention to WP. If they showed some WP some more love, maybe I would too.

    After using WP for 2 years, I'm also tired of the design language.

    WP8.1 needs to really kick *** to keep me on board. Nokia is trying to keep this ship afloat, but 41 MP isn't going to do it for me (I have a Mark 3, no need). I want to see more out of Microsoft. Not Nokia.

    Not really getting my hopes up at this point.
  22. ExcaliburII's Avatar

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    gave it an 8, but for me with a task manager and notification center would be a 10.
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    Overall I give it a 5. It has a looooong way to go, but I like the look of it and it's steadily improving so I'm sticking with my 920 (along side an iPhone 5 for the missing features and apps). For now, at least.
  24. Ray Adams's Avatar

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    Don't get me wrong, I like Windows phone and still believe that one day it will be best OS for smartphones. But right none, after 3 years, it still bad in terms of features. I used to be owner of HTC HD7, later two Lumia 800, after that HTC 8X and now Lumia 920, but OS still lacks rudimentary functionality :(
    I really hope it's gonna change one day, and hope it happens soon, not late :(

    but right now my rate is 4
    Last edited by Ray Adams; 07-08-2013 at 11:16 PM.
  25. Doom At Last's Avatar

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