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    I got a WP8 phone (lumia 620) for my dad. I've tested the phone but otherwise not used WP8 (not good for me but good choice for my dad I think.)
    He's very slow at learning technology, but wanted a smartphone to do basic things: phone, internet, email, maps, and a few others.
    Not interested games, social networking, etc and other kids stuff.
    Is there a good guide to WP8 suitable ? Online video preferable but book is also fine.
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    Paul Thurot has a great WP guide book.
    Make with the WP purchase already one time why dontcha for pete's sake. Honestly.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by baseballbert View Post
    Paul Thurot has a great WP guide book.
    As far as I know, it's not yet complete, though.
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    There are some threads with tips tricks etc in the sticky threads here at WP Central.
    Your smartphone is only as smart as YOU let it be!
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    Thanks but looking for something introductory. Not about setting up the phone because I can do that. Just about using the basic features.
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