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    Anyone else find the flip/pivot animation/transition annoying because of the delay it introduces while opening apps?

    I'm not talking about any lag, its a super smooth motion, just that its smooth and...slow.

    For example, open up a very light app such as the SMS app or the Dialler app (or medium ones like People and Photos). All of them take between 1.5 second to 2 seconds to open because you have to wait for the flip transition to complete. On many other platforms, they launch "instantly". I tried to test if they accept input the moment the flip on top completes (since the pivot flip transition cascades downwards) but nope you have to wait for the last pivot flip to complete before it accepts any input.

    The transition/animations make for very lively demos in store but get old in frequently used apps such as the the People Hub which I access about a 100 times a day. There should be an option to disable this or just remove it entirely since the built in apps aren't that slow in reality and its not that the processor can't handle it (which could have justified needing to fill in with a transition or animation).

    I'm pretty certain the inbuilt optimised apps like Messaging, Dialler, People and Photos can launch 3 times as fast (i.e currently its 300% slower than it could be) with the *current* hardware if the animation was lighter or non existent.

    Better hardware (quad core, Krait 400) wouldn't help here because again this doesn't seem to be a performance issue but is the way the OS is designed.
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    To get a better idea of how fast it could be. Try switching between the inbuilt apps such as People, Photos, Dialler and SMS from the multitasking view when they are all open. Pretty sure the fade/zoom in transition that they use for the switching is more than enough and they tend to switch about 3 times as fast as when *Cold started*.

    The difference isn't purely due to the resuming from sleep/suspend vs cold start as these are super light in built apps and pretty much all of the difference in loading time with cold start is all due to the heavy flip animation
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    Looks great on my phone and I'm most content with launching speed.
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    The most frustrating part of WP for me are the transition effects. They were cool for a few days but have gotten really old for me and I want to get rid of them. When I click an App I just want it to open, not have my screen distort and slide out of the way slowly. It makes the phone seem really slow to me. If they don't come out with a way to disable the transition effects by the time my contract expires I will go to something beside WP. I think you can turn off animations in Android and iOS. I was on Symbian before and you could turn them off. I miss Symbian.
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    I also dislike these transition effects. They made for a slight wow-effect while still getting aquanted with WP, but in normal usage you just want to get something done, not sit and be mesmerized by some fancy effect for the one millionth time. Just annoying.

    Surely it has to be possible to make an app that can do some changes in the registery or whatever to get rid of this nonsense.

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