I love my HTC 8X, but there are a couple of issues that really prevent me from truly enjoying my phone the way I should. One is MP3 playback when not local to the phone. Let's take the Skydrive app for instance, although the same thing happens to a linked MP3 in the IE10 browser. Yes, it initially plays, just the way a local MP3 does. However, it *doesn't* do background playing. It *doesn't* remember the position of the MP3 when you get back to it. It also doesn't seem like there is an option to download via links in either the Skydrive app or via a weblink. You are forced to stream it for a pretty crappy experience.

It just amazes me that something as simple as MP3 playback isn't perfect in 2013. Do other people run into this problem? Am I somehow doing something wrong here? Again, I really love my phone, but there are a couple of small things that end up driving me crazy.

-- Brandon