When I started trying to sync my Lumia 920 I moved all my old iTunes stuff over without any real issues. But when I found out that playlists were broken I started trying to use WMP like everyone else.

Unfortuntely, in WMP I started trying to organize my library, modify and delete stuff to create these playlists. I didn't realize that was directly affecting my main library on my computer. Consequently I lost a lot of my old music. In my Xbox music library on my desktop I ended up with these weird empty albums that showed the art but had nothing in them. Trying to restore the lost music from backup just created a duplicate and left this empty album, which I can't delete. I thought I should probably start all over and reset the whole process but trying to move forward I figured I would just get Xbox music cloud versions of all my lost music plus a bunch of new stuff I wanted. Now I have these weird empty albums and duplicates from the Cloud.

Looking at my phone, I now had the original stuff I lost, which was still on the phone, plus the doubles of cloud music. Trying to delete the original to leave the cloud leaves me again with these weird empty albums that should the album but with nothing in it. Anyone have any idea how to clean this up?