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    I am using Outlook as my mail service but I change the outgoing mail address from [myname] to [myname]@[mycustomhost].com (of course I've set up that email address from my hostings control panel beforehand). This is a feature of Outlook web client and also some of the email clients like Symbian's. My question is, if it is possible in Windows Phone 8 mail client to change outgoing mail address, as well?
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    nope... only option is to create a second email account using the different signature...

    would be nice to be able to change the "from" address like you do with desktop clients though.
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    Yes, actually what I want is to change the "from address".

    Sad to hear it is not possible.
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    It is possible with certain limitations. You can set the "send from" address as one of your aliases on; so any mail you send will now appear to come from that address. The limitation is that you cannot choose or switch between aliases on the go like you can on

    See this thread for more details on where to find the setting: alias options updated
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