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    I just installed whatsapp and was surprised to see only a handful of contacts in its favorite tab. I did some experimenting and found out that only after:

    1. I update someone's profile and add his/her no. in edit Google (in People app)
    2. Refresh contact list in Whatsapp
    3. Close it
    4. Re-open it

    it does show up in my favorite's list. I have 95% of contacts in People who have their number updated in FB from where it is showing their contact in People app. And their cell no. are not taken up by Whatsapp.

    Please help me, how to solve this. I cannot manually update each profile adding their no. in Google.
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    Nobody faced this issue???
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderbatman View Post
    Nobody faced this issue???
    Hi spiderbatman, I'm having the same issue...

    First of all, in the fav tab I only have very few contacts and it stops at the "N" letter.
    Second, I recall having the same issue back on android and I eventually figured it out by adding up each contact's phone and then sync again, I'm afraid there's other solution cause Whatsapp doesn't recognize some numbers...strangely enough, a lot of those who don't appear are from my Google phonebook, but then again, some of those that appear, are also from Google, I really don't get it.

    Try to get it solved and let you know if I do find something

    2/26 Update

    Just found this:

    Explains everything but most importantly that it is COMPELLING to have your friend's phone number (or whoever you want to add) in your phonebook, so no social networks.
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    I am a moderate user of lumia 820 i dont want any great performances from windows but i suffer with simple feaure whatsapp, three minutess of chat on whatspapp super heats my mobile, i know what is regualr heat/warmness. I thought issue is with 3g connection then i went to nokia care and i have reset the entire phone three days ago. same issue is continuing after reset of OS whatsapp sucks up battery. i have gone through a article which says whatsapp heats up and when i hvae chekced the same i have realized it is very true.

    no need to uninstall whatsapp but when u dont chat on whatsapp(aftre 15minutes idle) and surf web and times of india app and people app. only 10% of super heat is seen.

    but even if i stop all those activities and uses whatsapp chat for 3 minutes my mobile super heats.(bluetooth/wifi/net sharing/location off and no back ground tasks except whatsapp)

    i tried several reinstalls nothign has worked. i am glad as my phone is alright with out whatsapp.

    But it will be of great help if any fix is found as whatsaap is most used in my network.

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