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    I just did a quick search here and couldn't find a post about this. Is there a way to send my own personal information via contact card?

    I know the workaround to there not being a default feature for this would be to make an entry for myself in my contacts but I was wondering if there was a native way to do this?
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    No one knows? No "my contact card" anywhere?
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    Don't know - I always make a contacts entry for myself in any phone I get - easier to store all my various numbers and email addresses and whatnot.
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    Yes, I suppose that is the way to go here. I believe my old bold 9000 used to have a 'my contact card' feature but I may be wrong. I hope we get that feature in a future update.
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    Create contact for yourself

    Go to contact, click share, choose sharing method
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    Or even better, create a QR Code with your contact details.
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    QR code isn't better. The share options on contacts is much more useful.

    Has anyone successfully sent a contact card via text or NFC to android devices?
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    It is ridiculous that there is No self conract card when there is a "me-hub". The iPhone has a sekf cintact card
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    What are the benefits of a "self contact" vs. creating a new entry in contacts that has your information? Does it work differently in some way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Kez View Post
    What are the benefits of a "self contact" vs. creating a new entry in contacts that has your information? Does it work differently in some way?
    No different. But creating your own kinda like a way around instead of having a nice to have feature. But these kind of tiny things are really hard to keep track in software development.
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    Is all of your own contact info auto-generated on iOS/ Android as part of the setup process? If so, that would definitely be a nice "feature".

    Perhaps when you format and name the device you could link your MS account then have a prompt to confirm info it already has about you and/or fill in missing pieces.

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