Greeting to all after the New Year!

My wife was having problems with her white 920 being caught in a loop. I was on my 920 talking to her trying to figure what the problem could be. While on the line with her I tried to surf what the problem could be. My 920 kicked back to the phone call screen. WHAT? I then tried to text a message to her. Got kicked back to the call screen. So then I tried the settings. Back to the call screen. Tried the battery, weather, email, locked screen, home screen, ect. Every time in a few seconds I get kicked back to the call screen. I use a Jawbone Era BT to talk just so I can multitask. But that ain't working!

What's your thought on this matter? Is there something I have set wrong?

Oh! My wife got a new replacement 920. Not sure what that problem was. I wasn't allowed to mess with that phone at all!