I've had my L920 as soon as I could get it, and I upgraded from a HTC Titan, which was also an excellent phone.

I always knew MS were going to integrate Nokia maps into Bing, but I didn't think it would be to the detriment of the maps app.

The arial view of my town (Ipswich, UK) used to work fine, and be fairly up-to-date on my WP7 Titan, but on my WP8 L920, it is just a overly zoomed blur. It's not just my town either, I was looking for somewhere in Norwich (a city!) and the arial view of there is just as bad. This is the same for both Nokia Maps app and the WP8 Maps app.

The only place I've seen that shows okay in the UK in arial view is London.

Has anyone else noticed this? I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else, yet is seems like quite a big problem to me. Bing maps on the web shows the arial view perfectly, so why should I settle for less on a Hero Device.

To me this is just as big an issue as Apple Maps was to iOS users.

Can I please have the old Bing Maps back!