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    It would unify all of the platforms together. They just need to remove desktop mode, and they have a mobile OS that is unified with the desktop OS..
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    There's a lot of reasons. Drivers, power efficiency, telephony stack, APIs. Its like why iOS and Mac OS X share a kernel but aren't the same OS.
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    Better question is why not put windows phone on a tablet, i think this is a big mistake...make a wp8 tablets and phones, and make app store available for windows 8 pcs
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    I think the way MSFT went about this is better than iOS. Apple has ios on their phone and tablet but their tablet is limited to what it can do. For example on Windows RT
    1. You can plug in usb drives, keyboards, mice, etc.
    2. You can use windows explorer to browse files
    3. It comes with Office 2013 installed. You can install office on a mac but not on ipad because ipad uses the dumb phone iOS...
    4. The PRO model has full W8 and can join to corporate networks etc. and install full desktop apps.
    5. You can bring up the charms menu and recent apps by swiping from the sides which works equally well using a mouse on a desktop PC. The phone wouldn't be as usable with the same feature.

    I've always thought of iOS as a giant phone without the phone... But Windows 8 PRO \ RT on a tablet seems amazing and I'll be getting one soon.
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    Total nonsence I think.
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    Why not put WP8 on a PC?

    Why not put Windows 8 Pro on a phone?

    Because you use the right tool for the job.
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    It would be a phablet if you can name it like this, but you can do anything, but working on desktop on your phone is total nonsense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BokiV View Post
    Better question is why not put windows phone on a tablet, i think this is a big mistake...make a wp8 tablets and phones, and make app store available for windows 8 pcs
    I'm in complete agreement here. I would definitely pay for a 7" device with wp8 (minus the phone functionality) on it. I had a Nexus 7 for a short time, and that form factor is perfect for reading, gaming, casual word processing/email, etc.

    Don't get me wrong, I like my Surface, but it can get so laggy at times. My father has one, his is the same way.
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    Because Windows Phone is a second-class citizen for Microsoft.
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    It would cause a disruption in the space time continuum, and create an alternate reality. Lets keep things the way they are for now. geeez

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