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    I've tried a few different YouTube apps and none of them can upload existing camera roll videos to YouTube. Am I missing something?
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    From Google.
    Upload using email or Multimedia Messaging (MMS): iPhones and other devices

    Here's how to send the video from your device to a special email address that's provided with your YouTube account.Part 1: Find your unique email address for uploading videos

    1. On a desktop computer, visit yourYouTube Settings.
    2. Under the "Account Information" section, find "Mobile uploads". You'll see an email address that looks something
      Don't see an email address? Click the Create Mobile Profile button and enter the information required. Click theCreate Profile button to create an email address.

    Part 2: Upload the video

    To upload the video, email the video to the address you found in Part 1. You'll receive a confirmation SMS or email letting you know the video was successfully uploaded.You can edit the video and its settings by visiting YouTube on a desktop computer.
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    Nice tip. The problem is. This way the Windows Phone 8 makes the video 240p insteead of it's original 1080p/720p.
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    This used to be so easy with an iPhone.

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