recently converted my girlfriend (among a load of others :) to the wonders of the Lumia 920/ windows 8 system and was excited about the messaging possibilities (pretty endless)

I also use Windows 8 and so I was looking forward to using the messaging app on my desktop while at work to message her straight into her own me tile/messaging app (as if it were a text) for some great added convenience ( despite using the wireless charge pad, typing texts out is just another world of convenience and I have been loving ti so far)

however, we have come to realize that when her phone locks she loses her messaging connection. facebook is still there, but im sure im not the only person that has found irregularities with posting through facebook (sometimes it comes to me tile, sometimes to facebook app/.com) so i avoid that one.

She doesn't use wifi, so I am trying to work out if it is another battery saving "feature" or if it might be her individual phone settings? we cant replicate the same thing the other way around but it seems that I dont get signed out of messanger like she does...

UPDATE - could it be because she has her status set to "busy" on messanger where mine is set to "online"?