I've seen Verizon television commercials promoting Windows Phone here in the US which is good, however within one week I went to 2 different Verizon corporate stores and none had the 822 or 8X on display. Not even dummy phones. At both stores, the sales clerk actually had to bring an 822 over from the back just so I could see it in real life. One of the clerks actually told me how he was a "Droid guy" blah blah blah but in the end tells me "that being said, this Nokia looks pretty decent, it has 4G..." The same store where the "Droid guy" worked had some sort of Data Sense display (essentially the gift box seen in the commercial) but it was sitting way below eye level as you came in. It was pretty close to the ground. Not sure if they were working on setting up the display or whatever.

Those of you that have visited Verizon stores: what has it been like?