After import, my Lumia 920 shows all the albums and I can listen to everything just fine. The issue is that if i swipe left to the "artists" section, it only lists 2 of the 100+ artists. All 100 artists albums are listed fine on the next pane over.

All of the imported mp3s have full tags for artist, album and song (and a host of others), and my Desktop PC shows all of the mp3 tag info in a variety of programs (in the music app, itunes and Music Bee). I've tried deleting the files, re-syncing. Ive tried rebooting the Phone as well. I am using Music Bee and MTP to copy the files to the device..

Looking for some advice on this issue. Incidentally, anyone know why the album mp3 tag is being rewritten as Album - Artist when I sync? Is that Music Bee doing it or does WP edit the mp3 tags?