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    SkyDrive syncs with my phones so good and fast and simple I love this phone dude .. Anyone else?
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    Sync up seems to work effortlessly but I did notice that when I had to exchange phones that it wiped out my photos on Skydrive...didn't realize that would happen as I've never had anything delete from Dropbox unless I intentionally went in and deleted it.
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    I've had the SkyDrive for a few years and am grandfathered in to the 25GB of free space. I haven't ever had any sync issues and love the auto sync when you take photos so I can easily locate them online and share them out. IMO the SkyDrive has been one of those little known offerings that provide a great benefit and as usual MS has done a poor job of marketing it.
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    Yep. SkyDrive is one part of the Windows /Windows Phone experience that makes them both better! Now, if I could download a PDF file and attach it to an email, then I would be all set.
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    SkyDrive is awesome. I've been a power user of it for a couple years and the recent upgrades have only made it better. Between my desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad and Lumia, all my important files are there, and I don't max it out like I did with Dropbox.

    As far as the marketing, I don't think Dropbox did much, but they had the tech sites and blogs slobbering all over them, which obviously helped. Hopefully the good word of mouth will help SkyDrive.
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    What I like about Skydrive, when you want to email a file from your phone it emails the actual file rather than a link to the file as with Dropbox.

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