So, I noticed my phone is not sending e-mails. I sent an E-mail to my teacher from my Lumia 920 synced Yahoo mail, the phone showed it sent the E-mail. So I waited for a reply from my teacher but I did not get reply from teacher. So I went and opened my e-mail on my desktop and it did not show any sent e-mail then I again sent the e-mail from my desktop and I got a reply from my teacher. So I went ahead and tried sending e-mail from phone yahoo mail to my gmail account and did not receive any mail even though it the phone sent folder shows it sent the email. I don't know what the problem is but it's really pissing me off. It's not only with my Yahoo mail the same issue is with my gmail. I switched from an iphone and I was really liking the windows operating system but now I am regretting buying windows phone 8. Email is one the most important parts of our lives and windows coundnt even get that right. I thinks windows should be ashamed of themselves. The phone bloody **** shows it sent the email but technically it didn't. So is anyone else also the same problem and please tell me windows is trying to fix this problem and I really hope they do it quickly.