I have a L900 that is not carrier branded but in my eagerness to try 7.8 i flashed the device with the 3 network Nordic carrier update. All works perfectly but i now have a issue because i need to use a tmob sim in the device and bcoz of the current update on the device, i cant get access to vmail because tmob #150 is not recognized as the vmail service number, 333 is.

My question is: 1. Is there a tmob os update on the Nokia servers?
2. Is the vmail number for tmob the same globally, i am in the UK and the access number is 150.

3. If there is no tmob update, what code does the non carrier updates use so i can re-flash using one of these. I think i remember some of the information in the about section of the device before i flashed it but obviously that has now changed.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.