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    In the last couple of days, I suddenly can't transfer songs (actually tracks of audio books) ripped from my CDs to my Trophy. When I try to transfer a track, I get a dialog box that says "Can't purchase due to a temporary server error. Please try later." This has now been going on for about two days.

    I tried re-installing Zune to see if that was the problem, but to no avail?

    Any insight?

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    Are you ripping them as MP3s?
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    Yes -- 192 kpbs and they were transferring fine up until a few days ago. Since I posted this message I discovered the registry hack to allow direct transfer of files to my Trophy via USB, which allows me to at least play the audio books on my phone, but without the benefit of having a playlist.

    And I just got done ordering my new 8X (woohoo!) so who knows, this all may be moot in a few days.

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