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    As if we already didn't know this, the Manager basically said that 7.5 phones are getting left behind. Also said not to expect apps like Microsoft's PDF reader on our phones. He basically agreed that they we are getting left behind to encourage wp8 sales (again, as if we didn't know it already). Just thought I would share.
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    I don't think I believe that entirely. My first question is what makes the guy that runs the store privy to what plans MS has with their products? MS has been holding information pretty close to the vest and some guy wearing a manager tag is not going to know to any level of specificity what ms will or will not do.

    I suspect MS will treat 7.5 in the same manor they treat any other OS they have. That is, they will continue to fix existing bugs and only add features if that fix improves on an existing problem. Or add features they already planned for 7.5. But as far as "leaving it behind" is probably overstating it.
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    WP8 is the future? Good thing he cleared that up for us.
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