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    In windows phone 7.8 (not in previous versions) you have the ability to start and stop video recordings by tapping the screen. Before, you were required to use the hardware camera button for video recording.
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    If you get a toast notification on ur lockscreen if you tap the toast notification then unlock your phone it will quick jump you to that app
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    im sure that the Bluetooth is inactive when the screens locked, unless you have a device connected. this saves battery. I have tested this theory by leaving Wifi Bluetooth 3G on all day and the battery hasn't been adversely affected.

    also a great way to get extra battery is to turn off the mobile data and wifi, phone cant update and so the battery just keeps on going. coupled with light usage I managed 3 days (only turning off at night ).

    (nokia lumia 800)
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    When in viewing a picture in the hub, you can pinch to get a smaller fast scroll window. Tapping an image makes it full size.
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    Use Bing Vision as an OCR. Handy for gift cards and credit cards for making purchases on the go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zabihlumia View Post
    does anyone know how to turn of heptic feedback or vibration in the three touch keys? How do U take screenshots?
    These features are not readily available, unless you own a device that supports interop or full-unlock via custom ROMs. (basically root.)
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    I tried the "ease of access" setting that you mentioned on my NOKIA LUMIA 710,
    but when i try clicking on the "Speech for Phone Accessibility",
    it doesnt budge :(
    what do i do?
    I love the Voice features on the L710 btw :)
    Do reply soon!
    Thanks :)
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    Maybe this isnt something new. when you tap on phone icon it calls directly. you dont need to open contact and tap on "call number"
    (found on demo version of Lumia 710)
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    Thanks for the tips
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