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    Hey guys, is there anyway to connect to an adhoc wifi connection on WP7? I'm trying to connect to a an adhoc connection I setup on my laptop, but my lumia 710 doesn't even see it. I've tried tried adding the name as if the SSID was hidden, didn't work either.
    Any suggestions?
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    If it doesn't even see it, I would think your laptop isn't setup properly to share a WiFi connection.
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    Nope, it's just the lumia that can't see it or connect, I've tried it on another pc and on my iPad and it worked perfectly :/
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    I also experiences this with Lumia 920 and found out that Windows Phone 8 does not support WiFi adhoc mode. It can only connect to WiFi infrastructure mode. On Windows 7, this mode can be done using software like 'mhotsopt'.
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    Yea I know. I use connectify. Problem is, there are some wifi cards that don't support acces point mode and only support ad-hoc mode.
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    I just posted a thread like this yesterday.

    Anyway.. I found a solution n hope it will work for you too.
    I installed a hotspot maker :
    Download mHotspot 5.3

    You dont need anymore than the hardware you have to receive WIFI
    \(just a WIFI adaptor)

    Hope this help
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    I find it very dissapointing that Microsoft can't be bothered to enable WP7 or 8 to connect to ad hoc networks. I recently set up such a network and was surprised my WP did not even see it.

    Further problem is when you try to set up ad hoc on Win8 since Microsoft in all their wisdom remored the UI option to do it, had an issue when I wanted to set up ad hoc connection with my Surface Pro, hope they put this funcionality back with W8.1.

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