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    My all-so-expensive and nicely working keyboard is lacking a Windows key. I've been wanting to upgrade to Windows 8 for a while but I can't help but wonder if I lose too much functionality by not having the Winkey. Is there a way to rebind the Winkey functionality to another combination (e.g Ctrl-Alt)?

    Will I miss the Winkey too much or is the e.g Search charm reachable through another key combination?
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    What keyboard do you have?
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    New "MEKA" Keyboard Joins The Tt eSPORTS Mechanical Product Range

    While it's not absolutely the best keyboard I did pay quite some money (poor student) for it so I'd be sad parting with it for the sole purpose of needing a Winkey :p
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    Well, I've been using Win8 for a few months now, and I don't think there are other key combos. You can, however, hover the mouse in specific spots on the screen to get to these functions (ie: hovering in the upper-/lower right of the screen brings up the Charms menu).
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    Sorry to derail but, I thought you might be female. I read winky...and Windows can always change keys, and yes you do need a winkey in W8. Make it F4 or something.
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    I know about the "hover at certain spots" but the key combinations are so much more useful. Looks like I'll have to invest in a new keyboard eventually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearach View Post
    CTRL+ESC Is another shortcut you can learn. It will bring up the start screen.
    That one I know but being able to bring up the search charm for example is not possible (and even if it were, pressing Ctrl-Esc-S would just feel even more awkward)
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    if you are searching on start screen just start typing and it'll go into search charm
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    After installing Windows 8 I must say, a Win key so far would be nice but it sure works without. Like ttxzee mentions as well, just by typing in the start screen will bring up the search. I also find myself more often moving my mouse to the left corner of the screen to swap back and forth instead of pressing Ctrl-Esc.
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    Look into a program called 'AutoHotKey'. I think you can use it to create map another key in your keyboard into the 'Win' Key. I hope this helps.

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