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    I have a Samsung Focus Flash. And slowly but surely its been getting harder to get images to load on Bing. It would load a couple then just sit there and think.

    Now anytime I attempt to search anything it just says no search results available in Images AND in Local. Is it Bing? Is it my phone? Is it a setting?
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    How much storage do you have left on your phone ? Try clearing up space, clearing history, and cache. See if that helps any.

    Check your cellular apn settings, who is your carrier ?
    Nokia Lumia 521 (GDR3/Black) - TMobile Prepaid Unlimited + 2.5gb Hotspot
    New-Nokia Lumia AT&T 520 - Net10 AT&T
    Broke - Focus Flash (Locked) OS=7.10.8862.14 (Net10 AT&T)
    Net10/Straight Talk AT&T Apn Data for Samsung Wireless Manager
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    Same exact thing happening on my ATT Titan II. Noticed it yesterday but no matter what I search, Local and Image doesn't return anything - Web seems fine though. I tried freeing space and hard boot but to no avail. Hmmm.. :(
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    Yea I tried resetting the phone and it was actually well AFTER I previously cleaned my phone and freed up tons of space that this started happening. No idea what's going on.
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    I have been having the same problem too, lately. Not sure what to do about it...I am really hating having to go all the way to Google to get images :(

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