My family has Verizon, so I know that there coverage is good and that they have great LTE coverage and speeds. I really want the Nokia Lumia 920, but it is on AT&T, they don't have LTE available at all where I live and chatting with them they can't tell me when it will be available in my area. According to AT&T's service map they have good coverage with their "4G" that isn't LTE, but I don't know how fast it is, or what their coverage is like other than what they say. I also like that the phone only costs $100 and includes a wireless charge pad.

And even if I go with Verizon, I don't know if I want the 8X or the Lumia 822. I may even consider buying one now and upgrading to a better one later when they come out. Then I would sell the old one. I don't like that the 8X has only 16GB of memory that isn't expandable. I like how the 822 has expandable memory, but I am not sure about the screen not being as high of resolution.

I have chatted with both companies (AT&T and Verizon) repeatedly. Verizon is not at all willing to go down on price for the 8X or give me a free wireless charge pad.

I would probably pay about the same for the plan, since I would want to be able to use it as a mobile hotspot. With AT&T it would be $110 a month for 450 minutes (plenty as I am not a heavy talker), unlimited text messaging, and 5GB data w/ mobile hotspot. On Verizon it would be the same $110, but for unlimited talk and text w/ 4GB data with mobile hotspot included being a ShareEverything plan.

I currently do not have a cell phone, so I am looking to get one soon. I don't like how Verizon keeps pushing the date back constantly. But now AT&T is out of stock on the 920 in red which is the color I want.