I'm hoping some of you might have some suggestions for me because I feel as if I am spending more time trying to organize my photos as opposed to being out taking new pictures!

I have a DSLR and my Lumia 920 which I tend to use together for different purposes. My SkyDrive setting is set to upload to SkyDrive at the highest setting when connected to WiFi. I have an older iMac which I use to import all of the photos and then send to iPhoto and from their to Facebook. My process is:

1: Import photos from SD card to a new folder I make in SkyDrive. This allows me to view the photos on my phone or anywhere else I might be.

2: Import that folder to iPhoto which is where I do my editing, tagging, and uploading to Facebook

This works well, but gets jumbled when I want to add the photos from my 920 to those albums. Sometimes I simply go into the 'Camera Roll' folder on my computer and drag them to the folder from the DSLR before importing. Other times I'll connect my phone to my computer and manually transfer it. Is there any difference between these two approaches? Is it bad to remove items from the camera roll?

Thanks for your help!