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    "Engineering is more than just the number of megapixels." - Stephen Elop
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    The Kin died because of Verizon.. Facebook Home killed itself and the First. I saw this coming a mile away lol
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    That was fast about two weeks, if that not a fail then I don't know what is? | WPCentral Store | Mobile Nations Forum Rules

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    I wasn't aware the Facebook phone was an HP product. Oh, it isn't? Well then when did Leo Apotheker become CEO of AT&T? He's not? Well then this phone must really suck!
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    Facebook Home and First would have been 1,000,000 to 1 odds in a cell phone race. Anyone who thought it would have been successful must be out of their mind.
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    So where are those guys here (i don't want to name names) who thought that this phone was a good idea?
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    Quote Originally Posted by squire777 View Post
    So where are those guys here (i don't want to name names) who thought that this phone was a good idea?
    Out buying a new phone!
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