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    I've recently been looking into this phone a little more and it seems this will be the absolute perfect backup phone for me - possibly something to keep in the car for emergencies or when travelling. Seems it'll be out roughly by the end of the month and will cost about £13 or just 15 Euros. Below are some more details:

    Nokia 105 - Good looking, long lasting - Nokia
    Nokia 105: colourful, durable and affordable – Nokia Conversations : the official Nokia blog

    Just wondering, anyone else?
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    In cyan yes.

    For reference too, the battery lasts for 39 days on standby.
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    Is it 39 or 35? Either way I'm completely in love with the idea I'd only have to charge a backup device once a month. That seems incredible to me and it's a major reason behind me wanting one! :D
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    Oh, my bad, I'm thinking about the 301. The 105's battery life is indeed 35 days.
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    I'm seriously considering it. Its a nice phone to have as backup inside the glove compartment. Perfect for emergency situations. Plan to have this as included in an emergency kit together with a brand new prepaid SIM card plus PHP 1000 load card.
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    I only want that i wuold use my mirco-sim in 105
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    They make great flashlights.

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