You know, there's something I've noticed here.
Every time people refer to, say, the rumored high-end Nokia Lumia, they tend to think of it as the Lumia 1000. They *might* be wrong.

Let me lecture you about Nokia's device nomenclature!

So, Nokia used to have XXXX device model numbers for their phones. With the first X deciding how high-end the phone is.
Case and point?
1XXX - Series 30 (like the Nokia 1280)
6XXX - Series 60
Heck, there were even 8XXX devices that ran on Series 80 and 90!

Then, Nokia introduce the NSeries. Yes, these were now their flagships. The N80/90series.
Oh, wait. Nokia introduced more than that.
The ESeries (corporate), CSeries (core products), and the XSeries (Xciting). I'm not kidding about the XSeries.

Then, Nokia ditched the XXXX numbering series and went solely for the SX/SXX numbering, where S is the Series, like the N8, N9, N82, C7, E7, etc.

Then, Elop dropped the bomb. For you Symbian-MeeGo fans, that's February 11, 2011.

There went the switch to the YYY numbering series, where the first Y dictates how high-end the device is. However, Nokia decided to give it several specific groups.
The Ultra-Low End Phones: 1XX/2XX (non-QWERTY/non-touch)
The Symbian Phones: 5XX/6XX/7XX/8XX
The Asha Series: A2XX/A3XX (QWERTY/touch/Candybar phones with touchscreens)
And, the Lumia Series: L5XX, L6XX, L7XX, L8XX, L9XX (Windows Phones)

Unless Elop does it again, I do not see any reason for a Lumia 1000.