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    Hi all

    Hope everyone enjoying the snow in the UK (well apart from the ice which I properly slip on about 100 times or so )

    Now I would really like it to go away for next year and get a bit warming

    Is it bad in other places of the UK the area I live not to bad but still could be better

    Or where you live
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  2. quantum tao's Avatar

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    i'm enjoying the snow here in NY.
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  3. GraemeT's Avatar

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    No, I'm not enjoying it at all! I hate the white sh*te. I have trouble getting out of my estate because the council don't clear it or grit it. Yet they still take my money every month (for what - I've never been entirely sure). I hit a pothole on one of the multitude of unrepaired roads near me a few nights ago - blew the tyre out. Thanks guys (so where does my car tax go, out of curiosity?). Everything stops. Getting anywhere or doing anything is difficult. I'm spending a fortune on gas central heating, to which I'm being held ransom. I feel like I'm living in a third world country. Maybe if you're eight years old and you've got a sledge it's great. I'm not and I haven't. Good news is, it's getting warmer (well, less cold). Bad news is, it's going to rain forever. Give me a break!!!
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  4. crystal_planet's Avatar

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    Snow is awesome. We never get tired of it.

    My next phone...
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    Come to Glasgow, totally no snow here at all although the temp is around 0C. Kinda makes me wish there was snow around.
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    It started raining early ago this weather to much I can't stand it

    One way ticket to a private island .......... in my dreams
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    SONY Windows Phone 8.1 release sometime in June!

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