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    Some dudes are complaining about everything: the weather, the Lumia 920, WP8 and even life itself. We "have to" read why they are leaving the WP8 community and why the Lumia 920 sucks. There are even guys complaining about the lack of apps, but they bought a WP8 phone. This is like I am complaining about a Fiat Punto because it has not enough seats for my 10-member family....after I bought one.

    So let us complain about all this complaining!

    For whom it may concern: this is meant in an ironic way!
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    I checked out the Galaxy S3 forum here:

    Almost every other thread is a complaint or problem. hahahahaha It must be contagious.
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    Most, not all, but most of the people who post on geek boards have 2 things in common. Some level of OCD and an obsession with technology. A bad combo.
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    I can't complain I haven't got Window Phone 8 sad face

    But I do have GANGNAM STYLE
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    I checked out the Galaxy S3 forum here:

    Almost every other thread is a complaint or problem. hahahahaha It must be contagious.
    You can offer them the windows phone as a solution.
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    Can't we all just get along.
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    Won't someone think of the children!
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    Quit your complaining!

    (That's me complaining about complaining about complaining... AKA WP Inception. How deep can we go?)
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