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    Some weeks ago my Lumia 920 (bought a few days after they came out, around November 9, 2012) started behaving very oddly while plugged in for charging: after a while it discharges instead! I took a screen shot today just to document the issue:


    As you can see, the graph is trending down, while the native battery icon in the top right shows the phone being plugged in. You can also see that I plugged the phone in at about 10 PM or so, and it charged up to 100% pretty quickly and stayed there until about 2 or 3 AM. Then it started its steady descent towards the 15% shown in the snapshot.

    Sometimes it helps to unplug and power the phone off, then power back on again. Today, even that didn't work. It just keeps discharging while plugged in. I'm baffled.

    Anybody else have this exact symptom? I'm not concerned about background tasks, etc. I haven't changed anything in that area since this behavior started.
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    Yep, try to see if you can get a replacement. I was having the exact same issue 4 days ago until my phone died on me. Warranty should cover it and they should send you a new phone. Also, make your that your charger is working properly.
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    Try cleaning out the USB port. Mine did some strange things and after using a small non conductive pointer and a can of compressed air, everything was okay.
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    Thanks! I was hoping to avoid a warranty exchange, but maybe that's what it will take. I'll give the USB port cleaning a try first. The funny thing is that sometimes after turning the phone off and turning it back on again, the battery is reported as being fully charged. Today that didn't happen. It's now down to 0% and won't turn on fully without being plugged in. And it doesn't seem to increase in charge even while plugged in.
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    Grab a vacuum with the crevice tool on the hose and suck out the dirt in the usb port. Compressed air just pushes the dirt further into the phone, to a degree.

    PM me for more details
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    I've been having this issue for the past three days, the battery is being drained SUPER fast, and even while plugging it in it's still discharging... the only way is to connect it to the wireless charger, but even after fully charged, the battery after two or three hours is down to 70% with little to no use :/
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    I have been having the same issue for the last 3 days.
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    Maybe it's your case. Can you try wireless charging instead?

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