Hi all,

just a piece of good news--am travelling in Ivory Coast and saw a guy selling knock off white L920s on the street today in Abidjan with knock off GS3, Tabs, etc in other hand. I think that this is an advance!

Heading to Istanbul tomorrow and then BKK and Rangoon next week--hoping to see more windows phones this time. went to the phone market in BKK in December and they were not digging windows phone, but hope the situation in Thailand has evolved.

If anyone cares, I am happy to give a breakdown of which countries I have seen windows phones through my travels (do >300 k miles per year in Africa/asia but based in US) and am a MAJOR windows fan. Just convinced a minister in Burkina Faso to get a windows 8 computer by letting him play with it a little...his daughter had told him to get a mac and iphone. one at a time! people over here are totally scared of windows 8...and Microsoft has to manage this as starting to see more macs around which was never the case 2 years ago.